Market consensus list

This panel helps the User to determine the list of top instruments for which the largest number of Buys was made, as well as the list of top instruments for which the largest number of Sells was made. This can help a user to determine the "hottest" or "coldest" instruments at the moment.

It displays an Instrument list that is divided into Top long and Top short sections, which respectively show how many users (in percentage terms) prefer to choose one or another strategy for a particular Instrument.

The panel can be found in the Tools drop down list that is located in the main Terminal menu and have the following look:

The panel header contains standard tools for linking by instrument, viewing all actions and closing the panel. Under the header there is a filter for selecting one or another market for which the data will be displayed.

The panel is divided into two parts Top long on the left and Top short on the right, each line displays the name of the Instrument and the value of Sells or Buys made by other users as a percentage, this value is calculated by the algorithm configured in the BackOffice.

Right-clicking on one of the strategies displayed in the panel will bring up a context menu that contains the following elements:

  • Order entry – selecting this item will result in opening the Order entry panel for the Instrument for which the context menu was opened, and the Buy or Sell side will depend on which of the lists the Top long or Top short the instrument was in;

  • Chart – this item will open a new Chart panel for the selected Instrument with the current chart settings;

  • Symbol info – when clicked, a new Symbol info panel for the selected Instrument will be opened;

  • Settings – will take the user to the panel settings where he can select the color scheme for both sides of the list.

Note: When opening a context menu without selecting any of the Instruments presented in the list, the Order entry, Chart, and Symbol info items will be disabled.

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