About EvoCode

EvoCode is a programming environment for algorithmic trading. It is an integral part of TraderEvolution.

Main features of EvoCode:

  • Ability to create indicators and strategies;

  • Support for programming language C# (.NET platform);

  • While backtesting, historical data is loaded automatically according to the type of data selected in the strategy settings;

  • Backtesting of single symbols or multiple symbols simultaneously;

  • Possibility to backtest historical data which is aggregated by time;

  • Strategy testing in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years;

  • Possibility to test strategies at Bid, Ask and Trade prices;

  • Two strategy testing modes: with visualization or without visualization;

  • Capability to use functions that provide access to Level II;

  • Editor with IntelliSense support;

  • Performance Data and Performance Charts;

  • Dictionary with a list of all available functions in EvoCode;

  • Debugger;

  • Tool for importing and exporting parameters of testing strategies.

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