The Grid panel allows you to open a set of Charts in one panel, customize each one separately or group the necessary ones. To open a Grid panel, select Terminal -> Grid.

Since each panel is a separate Chart, it has all the necessary functionality such as Drawing toolbar, Indicators, Templates, Visual trading, Order entry, etc.


The Grid panel toolbar consists of three buttons:

  • Grid editor – this button is located on the top left corner of the ribbon. It enables to specify the number of panels and the type of panel.

  • Refresh – allows to refresh all charts.

  • Reset – this button resets panels size to default state.

All panels in the Grid panel can be resized by a user: move the mouse cursor on the panels’ joint, after that drag and drop the panel to the needed size.

Data source

In the Grid panel a user can see the extended information about the source of Last, Bid and Ask prices. In order to open the table with the detailed information, click on the arrow and the widget will be shown:

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