How to...

1. How to reset your password?

Reset your password following the recommendations from the ‘Changing password’ section:

2. How to find the Order ID / Position ID?

  1. Open the Positions/Working orders panel;

  2. Right-click on any column name;

  3. Select the Position ID/Order ID from the list.

3. How to execute a partial close?

  • Select the position to be closed from the Positions panel. Right-click and select ‘Close position’;

  • You can also double click on the position to call the 'Close position' dialog window. Select ‘Quantity to close’ to execute a partial close of the position;

  • Or simply place a reversed order for the same instrument.

4. How to place an OCO order?

An OCO order is a combination of a Stop order and a Limit order. You can set prices for both of these orders and place 2 orders at the same time:

  • Place an OCO order by selecting OCO in the Order type section of the Order entry panel;

  • You can also place an OCO order using Visual trading directly on the chart:

The ability to place OCO orders must be activated in the User's details -> General trading rules section of BackOffice.

5. How to place a trailing stop?

  • Place a Trailing stop order by selecting Trailing stop in the 'Order type' section of the Order entry panel;

The ability to place Trailing stops must be activated in the User's details -> General trading rules section of BackOffice.

  • You can place Closing Trailing stop directly from the chart, using Visual trading functionality and modifying an order or a position in the same way:

6. How to add a price alert?

  1. Setup conditions which will trigger your alert and finally select the actions to be taken.

7. How to disaggregate the Market depth?

  1. Open settings of the Market depth panel;

  2. Select the 'View' section of the 'General' tab. Select the 'By order' option in the drop-down list of the 'View by' setting. Click Apply.

8. How to show filled orders on the chart?

  1. Select the ‘Visual trading’ section in the Chart settings;

  2. Tick on the 'Filled orders' box to make filled orders visible on the chart.

9. How to enable VWAP?

  • Click on ‘Analysis tools’ and select the 'VWAP' from the list;

  • You can enable VWAP on a Chart, Market depth, Scalper, Matrix and Order Entry panels;

  • Read more about VWAP here:

10. How to find a volume by price?

In TraderEvolution there are few options to view the volume by price:

  • The Market depth panel allows to view the volume per each price level;

  • Info Window in the Chart panel contains the volume value;

  • To plot Volume bars on the chart, select 'Volume bars' in the Analysis tools.

11. How to track the auction price at opening?

  • Right-click on any column name of the Watchlist;

  • Select the 'Indicative auction price' from the list;

  • A column named 'Indicative auction price' should appear.

12. How to open multiple charts?

You have two options here:

13. How to color brokerages in the Market depth?

  1. Open settings of the Market depth panel;

  2. Select the ‘Colors’ tab;

  3. From the drop-down menu of the ‘Coloring method’, select the ‘By source and volume conditions’ option.

14. How to add a previous close line on the chart?

  1. Open the context menu of the chart panel;

  2. Select ‘View’ -> ‘Previous close’.

15. How to plot a chart within the Scalper?

  1. Open the Scalper settings from the context menu of the panel;

  2. Open the ‘Time & Sales chart’ tab;

  3. Select ‘Trades & Quotes’ from the drop-down list of the 'Mode' section;

  4. Apply changes.

  1. Open the context menu of the desired panel with DDE link;

  2. Click on Export and select Excel from the list;

  3. Make sure to check the ‘Synchronize’ checkbox;

  4. Click Export.

17. How to show time to next bar?

  1. Right-click on the Chart panel;

  2. Select ‘View’;

  3. Click on the ‘Time to next bar’ option to enable the countdown visible.

18. How to modify a pending order?

  1. Right-click on a pending order in the Working orders panel and select ‘Modify order’;

  2. Use the editable boxes to change quantity, order price, time in force, and the OCO order. To specify a new order price, use the Price field; the Current price field shows the market price.

  3. Click ‘Modify’ when done.

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