Active positions/orders section

This section displays information on Positions, Filled Orders, Working Orders, Orders History and shows Logs. Information on each of these items can be displayed by switching to the corresponding tab.

Using this window the user can also select the "Modify position" tab and change its settings without closing the position itself.

The user can find information on the performed operations with a timestamp in the "Logs" tab.

Active positions will also be displayed in this tab even if the terminal loses its connection to the server. When there is no connection in the terminal:

  • The strategy can be launched even if the user is not logged in, as soon as the connection occurs and trading data is available, the strategy begins to process it and starts trading;

  • In case there was a reconnect of the client during the trading session, the strategy continues to work, as soon as the reconnect manager has restored the connection, trading data is available and the strategy starts to process it and continues trading.

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