Info window

The Info window displays the main parameters of the selected instrument. The Info window can be accessed from the Watchlist by tapping the selected Symbol card. Also, it is possible to open a chart from the Positions, Assets and Orders panels by tapping the selected card.

The Info window contains the following information:

  • Available cash at the account’s currence;

  • Open - the day's open price;

  • High - the day's highest price;

  • Low - the day's lowest price;

  • Change,% - the value of the price change in percentage for the current day;

  • Last - the current price;

  • Previous close- the previous day's close price;

  • Volume - the total amount of the current day bar;

  • Funding (optional) – current funding rate value as a percentage including broker tax;

  • Countdown (optional) – displays the countdown time to the next funding settlement.

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