Adding an indicator is quite simple and is performed from the chat toolbar:

In order to configure the required indicator, the user needs to open the <Indicator name> properties window. In order to open this window, simply click the label with the indicator name, which will be displayed in the upper left corner of the chart after adding the indicator. Properties window contains the following tabs:

  • Parameters – contains general indicator settings;

  • Line #i properties – contains plotting parameters and indicator line styles;

  • Visibility – allows creating a list of timeframes for the indicator displaying.

The following buttons are available in the Properties window:

  • Set as default – saves the set indicator settings as default settings;

  • Reset – offers two options namely, Reset to my settings and Reset to factory settings. Depending on the option selected, the current settings will be reset to the user's or to the initial (factory);

  • OK – applies settings, closes the settings screen. The indicator will be plotted in accordance with the saved settings;

  • Close – this button closes the Properties window.

Parameters tab

  • Is background checkbox – defines the layer of the indicator line, unchecked by default. If checked, then the indicator lines will be displayed under the main chart;

  • Win num on chart for indicator – defines the window for plotting the indicator, the following radio buttons are available: Main, Sub window, or Sub window number (max qty of sub windows is 3);

  • Specific indicator settings – considered in the context of individual indicators in the relevant articles.

Line properties

  • Visible checkbox – determines the visibility of the indicator line;

  • Line – allows setting the line drawing characteristics: style, thickness, color;

  • Line name – for entering the line name;

  • Time shift – determines the shift of indicator lines along the timeline by a specified number of minutes;

  • Show line marker checkbox – determines the display of a label with the indicator value on the price scale.


This tab contains settings that allow to hide or show the indicator depending on the selected Time Frame.

  • Aggregation – contains the type of aggregation for drawing the indicator;

  • Delete – allows to remove an aggregation type from the list;

  • If the Visibility tab is empty, the indicator is plotted for any type of aggregation. Set by default;

  • If the Visibility tab is not empty, the indicator will be plotted only for the timeframes specified in the tab, for the rest, it will not.

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