Event log

Available columns:

  • Type – type of event.

  • Date – date and time of event.

  • Event – title of event. The following values are available: Modified, Restated, Activated, Created, Partially filled, Filled, Cancelled, Accepted, Rejected;

The following types are available:

  • Exception – allows showing all problems appeared during work sessions. All exceptions are displayed in white color text.

  • System – allows showing all problems with connection to server.

  • Trading – allows showing all trades operations. The following color schemes are used for trade logs:

- White text – for all unconfirmed requests;

- Green text – for created orders;

- Red text – for removed orders;

- Yellow rows filling – for filled orders.

  • Updater – allows showing all information about system updates.

This option doesn't delete data, this is just for clearing a current Event log panel view.

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