Positions balance

Positions balance tab contains the summary of all the opened positions by the chosen account(-s).

Tab can be accessed from Positions screen by moving the slider button to Positions balance:

For each position the following information is available:

  • Symbol - name of the instrument traded;

  • Net position qty. - the net amount of open position;

  • Gross P/L - total amount of P/L for open position in the account currency.

The additional data by the chosen position can be found in the right side of the screen:

The descriptions and calculations of the parameters in the table are below:

  • Current price - market price obtainable from a broker;

  • Break-even - shows the price where Profit/Loss will be zero

    where: N - the number of open positions for the selected instrument;

    OPi - Open price;

    qty i - the volume of the "i" position, taking into account the sign, for a short position the sign is “-”, for a long position the sign is “+”.

  • Gross exposure – the total exposure for open positions by symbol

    where: Lot size - lot size for the selected instrument; Cross price - cross rate from the quote currency to the account currency.

  • Net exposure - net exposure for open positions by symbol

  • Long qty. - total amount of long positions by symbol;

  • Short qty. – total amount of short positions by symbol;

  • Average long – average price of long positions

  • Average short – average selling price of short positions

  • Position value – current value of the position. Calculation is based on current market price

    Note that Position value formula depends on the position side: Long position: Position value = Position exposure+Gross P/L; Short position Position value = Position exposure-Gross P/L.

  • Product type – shows the type of the product for current position.

Also at the bottom of the Positions balance tab the Total Profit can be found. It displays the sum of Gross P/L for all positions.

To call the Context menu, press and hold (Long tap) on the needed item:

Actions available in the Context menu:

  • Chart - by tapping, the Chart with the selected position will be opened;

  • Symbol info - tap and detailed description of the position symbol will be opened.

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