Videos added by the broker can be viewed directly in the application, as well as scheduled live streams. A separate Video tab, which is located in the terminal header, is used for this. In order to open a tab, click on the Video button on the right from the Account menu:

In case there is a live stream ongoing at the moment, this button will be highlighted in red, see screenshot above. All videos in this tab are sorted by date, the newest videos and upcoming/ongoing streams are at the top. Each video is displayed in the form of a card that contains: the name of the added video, the date/time for streams, and the channel name. In case the stream is ongoing, the user will see a small red "Now" icon on the video card.

Selecting one of the videos from the list will open a Youtube in a browser. All links have an expiration date set by the broker, so the videos can be removed from the panel after some time.

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