Assets panel contains information about all assets by the chosen account(-s). If different accounts have the same asset, then it is displayed in different rows in the table.

There are the following columns in the table:

  • Asset name – name of the asset, which is set on a server.

  • Default symbol – allows showing the instrument name from the setting ‘Pricing instrument’.

  • Exchange – allows showing the exchange which is set on a server for the Default symbol.

  • Account – name of the account, which contains the asset.

  • Start day qty. – asset quantity at the user’s account at the beginning of a day. While logging in it is sent from a server.

  • Start day Qty. for Margin available – while logging in, the user gets information from the correspondent field on a server.

  • Liquidity rate% – the price of each asset at the user's account can be used for the opening of a position by other instruments. This price should be counted in Margin available in that interest proportion which is defined in this setting. Default value is 0. Maximal value is 100.

  • Today traded qty. – the quantity of the asset which was traded by all instruments for which this asset was pre-selected, but only for Product type=Delivery. The quantity of all Buy trades is counted with ‘+’, the quantity of all Sell trades is counted with ‘-‘.

  • Available qty. for sell – quantity of the asset, which is available for sell.

If Today traded qty.>=0, then Available for sell = Start day qty.

Otherwise, Available for sell = Start day qty. - |Today traded qty.|

  • Current price – current Last price on the instrument Default symbol.

  • Current value for sell – allows showing the price of the asset, which is available for the sell by Current price.

Current value for sell = Available for sell *Current price * CrossPrice

  • Sell asset – allows to launch Order entry in order to sell asset.

  • Sell exchange – allows showing a combo box with all exchanges where the asset is traded. Also you can sell asset on the chosen exchange via the context menu of the certain asset.

Right-click on the asset evokes the following context menu:

You can choose the columns, which have to be displayed by right-click on one of the columns.

The settings of the Assets panel consist of 2 tabs in the column ‘General’: View and Colors.


Grid – allows showing grid between columns and rows. The following options are available: Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical & horizontal, None.

Autosize of columns – automatically sizes columns so that their total width would be equal to the width of a panel. If disabled, each column will be sized by maximum length.

Auto re-sorting – allows auto re-sorting a table after any changes.

Show totals – allows showing total amount for columns. Be attentive to mark the "Show total" option as checked as well for selected columns in the Columns tab.


Table, Grid, Row, Selected row, Header row, Total row – allows configuring the color scheme for table.

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