Top gainers/Top losers

This section displays two lists, one with the Instruments with the biggest positive "Change %" parameter (Gainers), and another one with the smallest negative "Change %" parameter. The panel lists are populated based on the algorithm configuration on the server and have the following view:

If the “Historical tops” algorithm is configured on the server, then a custom time range for which a user can see data will become available.

Tap the “View more” buttons to see the full lists.

The following columns are available for both Gainers and Losers lists and allow independent filtering for each list:

  • Symbol - the instrument name;

  • Description - the instrument description;

  • Change % - the percentage value of the difference of the previous close price and the current price for the Instrument.

By default, the Instruments in the Gainers list are colored in green and those in the Losers list in red color.

To see the Instrument info, tap the certain symbol card. To add the Instrument to the Watchlist or remove it from the Watchlist, swipe left the symbol card and tap the corresponding button.

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