Saving scripts, importing and exporting script settings

After successful testing of a script against historical data, a user can save the source code. To provide this, select the corresponding options from the drop-down ‘File’ menu (Save, Save as..., Save all).

Select the item ‘Export script settings’ from this menu to export script settings to a file. The following window will be opened:

Here a user can select setting which he wants to save and the path for saving.

A users can also import previously saved settings from earlier tested strategies. To provide this, select the option ‘Import script settings’ from the drop-down ‘File’ menu.

If a user has compiled an indicator or strategy in EvoCode but does not have the source code for it, EvoCode will still allow the user to run the code and test it on historical data. To do this, select the recompiled file with the strategy and upload it to EvoCode. Then simply proceed to testing as if it was an indicator or strategy with the source code.

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