Dividend payment history

This feature allows visually aggregating the history of dividend payments on chart. In order to enable historical data, please check the corresponding item in the chart context menu Chart context menu -> View -> Dividend payment history.

NOTE: To work correctly with the tools of analysis, it is obligatory to have corresponding history for symbol.

Dividends for the selected Symbol are drawn on the chart as a dotted line. The dividend icon is always displayed at the beginning of the Ex Date (first bar of the day) in relation to the timeline, with a dotted line extending from the icon:

Clicking the dividend icon will result in opening the Info window that contains data on the selected dividend:

The Info window can display data for several dividends at once, in case their Ex-date falls on the same day. Contains the following data:

  • Ex-date – displays the Ex-date of the previously paid dividend in the dd.mm.yyyy format;

  • Amount – displays the amount of paid dividends;

  • Payment date – displays the date on which the payment occurred.

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