Strategy list

Using the Add folder and Add files buttons, the user can add folders or individual files for import into Strategy manager. After adding, the strategy will be displayed in the Strategy list. On the right side of each strategy there are "Info", "Settings", "Start", "View more actions" and "Remove" buttons.

After hovering over the Info icon, the user will see a tooltip, which shows the strategy name, comments to this strategy, copyrights, strategy author's name, his company, and strategy version.

After clicking the Properties button, a modal window of strategy settings will be opened:

There are two tabs in this window: "Main parameters", where the user can select the main instrument and its time frame, and the "Strategy inputs" tab, which allows selecting a hedge instrument and configure it by specifying the "Hedge amount" as well as "Take profit offset" and "Stop loss offset":

Please note that settings for the strategy and for index are different. The editable settings for index are short, middle, and long "Moving average periods".

Next in order is the "View more actions" button. Clicking this button will open a drop-down list offering the following options:

  • Edit - after selecting this item, the strategy opens in EvoCode editing mode. This item is disabled in case the file has .dll extension;

  • Update - this item allows to update the strategy to a current version. If there are no updates for the strategy at the moment, this item will be disabled;

  • Clear stats history - when selecting this item, the user clears all the information that stores in cache for selected strategy. This button clears information from the "Statistics" tab;

  • Import script settings - this item opens Import strategy parameters screen that allows user to enter the path to a file containing parameters or select it from the drive using the folder icon, checkboxes for selecting imported parameters, the "Import" and "Cancel" buttons;

  • Export script settings - the logic of this instrument is similar to the previous one with the only difference that now you need to specify the path for exporting the settings file.

The last in this row is the "Remove" button, it is used to remove a strategy from the list, within the Strategy manager panel.

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