Visual trading

You can perform trading directly from the chart panel. It is possible to send orders, modify and close/cancel all positions/orders directly from the chart:

The built-in Order entry panel

The Order entry panel consists of the following items:

1. Quantity - the order quantity;

2. SL - for specifying Stop Loss parameters;

3. TP - for specifying Take Profit parameters.

Hot buttons for one-click trading are the following:

  • Sell Ask – to send a Sell Limit order at the Ask price;

  • Sell Bid – to send a Sell Limit order at the Bid price;

  • Sell Market – to send a sell market order;

  • Buy Market – to send a buy market order;

  • Buy Ask – to send a Buy Limit order at the Ask price;

  • Buy Bid – to send a Buy Limit order at the Bid price;

Chart trading

To start chart trading, follow these steps:

2. Select type of an order to be placed: single or OCO.

You can enable chart trading by pressing and holding the Ctrl key as well.

If the cursor is higher than the current price, you can send:

  • Buy Stop order – by left-click;

  • Sell Limit order – by right-click.

If the cursor is lower than a current price, you can send:

  • Buy Limit order – left-click of the mouse;

  • Sell Stop order – right-click of the mouse.

Orders tooltips are always visible while trading: if order is Buy, then its icon is blue; and if order is Sell, then its icon is red.

To disable the chart trading, click the 'Mouse trading' button again, or just stop holding the Ctrl key.

Order modifying

Left-clicking the order qty allows to set the required number.

Please note that an order can be changed to market by clicking the three-dot button located on the right side of the order widget:

Stop loss and Take profit

If you need to set SL/TP to the order/position, left-click on the order/position marker. After that, SL/TP markers appear. Drag and Drop SL/TP prices to modify them:


Leverage is expressed as a ratio, such as 10:1 or 25:1, representing the multiple by which the user's position size exceeds their actual capital. The leverage option can be available via visual trading:

The drop-down list with all leverage options is available by clicking on the leverage value. Maximum by default:

Opened position with leverage looks as follows:

Leverage can’t be changed via visual trading when the position is opened.

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