Saved orders

Saved orders is a panel where several orders can be created and stored, then placed individually or together with just one click. To open a Saved orders panel, select Terminal -> Saved orders.

The following Order entry window with standard order parameters will be opened:

The following parameters are available in the panel:

  • Active - when checked, the order is active in the Saved orders panel.

  • Account - the login name of the account that the order will be opened for.

  • Symbol - symbol for order.

  • Side - type of trade to be executed (Buy or Sell).

  • Ratio - this field allows adjusting order quantities based on the total quantity.

  • Order type - type of order.

  • Price - limit price for the trade.

  • Bid/Ask - current Bid and Ask prices.

  • Last - the latest (most up-to-date) price for the symbol.

  • Quantity - quantity of trade for the symbol.

  • Validity – allows specifying order validity by selecting among the following time frames: Day, GTC, IOC, GTD, FOK.

  • Status - status of an order.

  • Place – button to assist in one click placing of individual orders.

  • SL offset - option used to set Stop loss as an offset.

  • TP offset - option used to set Take profit as an offset.

  • SL price/risk - shows SL in absolute value which will be set for order.

  • TP price/risk - shows TP in absolute value which will be set for order.

  • Trailing stop - shows Tr. stop price for order.

  • Stop price - stop price for special stop order.

  • Range - difference between the requested fill price and actual fill price.

  • Options type, Strike price and Expiry date are available only for options. These settings set the type of option contract, the price at which the contract will be executed and the expiration date.

  • Link - price that will be used for order (Bid, Ask, Last or None if you don't need linkage). Available for Limit orders.

  • Leverage - contains leverage value, if applicable.

  • Offset - offset for linked price. Available for Limit orders.

  • Remove - button for removing individual order.

  • Exchange - exchange, where an instrument is traded.

All changeable values can be set directly from the Saved orders table at the bottom of the terminal with created orders. To provide this - the user should click on a changeable value. For example, select order type:

By clicking on the list name, the lists menu will be opened. In this menu user can Create new lists, Rename or Remove already existing lists:

By right clicking anywhere on the panel, the Context menu will appear:

It has the following options:

  • Add order… - opens Order entry window;

  • Edit order - allows to edit the selected order in the Order entry window;

  • Remove order - removes the selected order from the table;

  • Remove all - removes all orders from the table;

  • View - allows to show panel’s toolbar and totals;

  • Saved lists - contains all saved lists;

  • Symbol info - shows full symbol information for the selected instrument;

  • Export - exports this table in the CSV or Excel format;

  • Group by - groups entities by Trading exchange, Symbol type or Leverage.

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