Context menu

The Context menu provides another method for changing Chart options. To open the menu right-click anywhere within the chart.

The following options are available in the Context menu:

  • Style – sets the style of the chart. A user is able to select the following types: Line, Candle, Bar, Dots, Histogram, Area, Dotted line.

  • Data type – sets the type of source for quotes:

    • Default by symbol – chart will be built by symbol values by default.

    • Bid – chart will be built by Bid values.

    • Last – if this type is selected, chart is based on the prices of trades.

    • Ask – chart will be built by Ask values.

  • Overlays – allow adding one chart of the symbol on the other in order to observe symbol correlation, or removing all overlays.

  • Indicators – evoke the Scripts lookup for easy indicator selection and allow to remove the chosen indicators.

  • Drawing tools – allow selecting the drawing tool or removing the existing ones.

  • View – offers visible elements on the chart. Here a user can select:

    • Previous close – the last closed line from previous session.

    • Time to next bar – allows displaying time to next bar on the chart.

    • Day high/low – allows displaying lines of day high and low prices on the chart.

    • Info window – shows/hides Info window on the chart.

    • Grid time/price – horizontal and vertical lines that help to compare prices and time on the axis with bars and lines on the chart.

    • Drawing toolbar – shows/hides the drawing toolbar.

    • Toolbar – allows displaying the toolbar on the chart.

    • Chart Order entry – shows/hides Chart Order entry section on the chart.

    • Scrollbar – allows displaying scrollbar on the chart.

  • Refresh – reloads the chart data and redraws the panel.

Chart panel refreshes automatically.

  • Settings – opens the Settings panel. It allows users to adjust view, scale, style and other parameters of the chart.

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