Economic calendar

Economic calendar panel displays the list of scheduled events that may affect movement of prices of financial instruments or global markets as a whole. To open Economic calendar panel, select Tools -> Economic calendar.

The following columns are available for the panel:

  • Date/Time – date and time of the event.

  • Country – country of the event.

  • Period – period for which the value is taken.

  • Event – names of the events which are scheduled.

  • Importance – significance of the events.

  • Actual – evaluation of the event according to actual data.

  • Forecast – current forecast value.

  • Previous – previous forecast value.

  • Remark – remarks to the event.

If any columns are not supported by Economic calendar provider those fields will be empty.

Economic calendar settings

Economic calendar settings can be opened from the context menu of the panel.

The settings of the Economic calendar panel consist of 2 tabs in the column ‘General’: View and Colors.


Grid – allows activating and setting up grid. Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical & horizontal, None.

Autosize of columns – automatically sizes columns so that their total width would be equal to the width of a panel. If disabled, each column will be sized by maximum length.

Auto re-sorting – allows auto re-sorting a table after any changes.


Table, Grid, Row, Alternative row, Selected row, Header row – allows configuring the color scheme for the table.

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