Arranging panels

Attaching and detaching panels

There are two main location types for all panels:

  • Attached – panel is located in some place of workspace.

  • Detached – panel is located separately and can be used independently of any workspace.

  • Attach – allows attaching panel. After clicking panel will attach to default place. Then the user can move it to any place of the workspace. After taking header of the panel drag it into one of the screen sides to preview its future position, then drop it to attach:

Attached panels can be arranged into tabbed areas where one or more panels are conveniently fit under/over/beside other panels.

  • Detach – allows detaching panel.

  • Autohide – allows hiding panels. After clicking Autohide, panel hides to a label pinned along the edge of the main window. When moves the mouse over the label, the panel expands halfway into the workspace. Click Autohide again to expand the panel. This option is available only for attached panels.

  • On top – allows seeing the panel on top of all others. Applicable only for detached panels.

  • Help – allows opening information about current panel in TraderEvolution Guide.

  • Duplicate panel – allows duplicating the chosen panel.

  • Show toolbar – allows showing toolbar of the chosen panel.

Any detached panel can be closed with the "Esc" hotkey. Also, this action is valid for any other modal or pop-up screens: all sorts of Settings, Confiramtions, etc. Basically, for those screens that do not have the resizing feature.

Creating tabbed areas

Creating tabbed groups of panels helps save screen space and maximizes efficiency. To make a panel appear as a tab, drag it over another panel (or tabbed area).

Linking panels

To link two or more panels together:

1. Click on the link icon in one of the panels you want to link.

2. From the drop-down menu, select one of the colors. The button changes to display the color.

3. Repeat the same procedure for the other panels to be linked, selecting the same color.

To unlink a panel from a group, click the panel's link icon and select 'None'.

Searching elements

All table panels in the application have a quick searching function. Traders can search for the needed items using:

  • hot button combination "Ctrl + F";

  • "Search…" menu item by selecting it from the Context menu.

  • Search works by the partial matches of a search query with the data specified in the table;

  • Search results are sorted by relevance;

  • If table panel has been filtered before the quick search, then search will be performed by the filtered data selection;

  • Reset of the search occurs when user removes a search query from the lookup.

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