Chart section

The Chart panel displays the current chart for the selected strategy. At the top of the panel, the user can switch between tabs that display the chart itself or its statistics.

Please note that when one of the strategies is selected, the Statistics window is automatically expanded and displayed on the screen for 10 seconds.

On the right side of the panel there is an opportunity to change the price scaling mode, the user can select the automatic mode or scale prices manually. In the lower right part of the panel there are buttons for zooming the chart in and out.

The "Statistics" tab contains panels "Performance data" and "Performance charts". "Performance data" panel allows viewing detailed statistics on short and long positions, and combines these indicators into a general one in the "Total" column.

The "Performance charts" panel displays statistics for several metrics that can be selected from the drop-down menu. Cumulative P/L, Aggregate P/L and Trades population are available for displaying.

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