Accounts panel shows basic details about all accounts that are available for a user.

To open Accounts panel, select Account -> Accounts in the header of TraderEvolution Web platform:

The Accounts panel is also available in Detailed view in order to show the detailed information in rows. You can see details about any of your accounts or about all together. Click on the Current equity section (Balance & Projected balance) located in the header of the Web platform in order to open this panel.

Please, read more about Account linking here.

The following information about Accounts and calculation formulas are available:






A current realized balance of an account. If there is trading with pending valuation, balance won’t change before clearing, on which P/L will be credited by covered trades or delivery of funds will be performed by uncovered trades. Fees are charged off from a balance at the time of accrual.

Projected balance

A future balance which includes all accrued and not accrued profit/loss. After closing all positions, accrual of fees and assets' delivery, a balance becomes equal to equity.

Projected balance = Balance + Unsettled cash + Loss + Profit + Blocked for Stocks, where: Unsettled cash – realized profit/loss by covered positions, which have not been delivered to an account yet and will be delivered in accordance with T+n value cycle; Profit/Loss – current open profit/loss by positions; Blocked for Stocks – amount of funds debited from a balance in case of Equities trading. After closing such position, funds will be returned to an account.

Balance&All risks

Shows an actual current quantity of funds on an account which can be used for trading.

Balance+All risks=Balance + Loss + Profit + Unsettled loss + Unsettled profit + Used unsettled negative cash for stocks + Unsettled positive cash for stocks + Used unsettled negative premium + Unsettled positive premium )— Unsettled premium from open sell — Unused premium from open sell + Unsettled collateral — Unused settled cash for stocks — Unused settled collateral +∑Unsettled account operation(Deposit)

Credit value

An amount of credit funds which you can't withdraw, but can trade with.

Available funds

Amount of funds which can be used for trading.

Available funds = Balance&All risks - Initial margin req - Stock orders req

Blocked balance

Balance blocked by a broker or by a user for withdrawal\transfer.

Blocked balance = Withdrawal balance + Transfer balance

Cash balance

A current cash position for an account with taken into account unsettled profit/loss.

Cash balance = Balance + Unsettled cash

Unsettled cash

Profit/loss, which will be credited to an account in accordance with T+n value cycle.

Incoming funds

The total amount of all unsettled Deposit account operations in the account currency.

Withdrawal available

Shows an amount of funds that you can withdraw immediately from your account.

Withdrawal available=Available funds – Credit value – Profit – Unsettled profit — Unsettled loss available for withdrawal+ Unused unsettled negative cash for stocks – Unsettled positive cash for stocks + Unused unsettled negative premium — Unsettled positive premium + Unsettled premium from open sell — Used premium from open sell -Stocks liquidity + Withdrawable cash for stocks + Withdrawable unsettled profit/loss + Withdrawable unsettled collateral + Unused intraday initial margin — Used overnight initial margin for intraday — Accrued dividends + Withdrawable options premium - ∑Unsettled account operation(Deposit)

Interest rate, %

Shows an annual interest rate on deposit.

Stocks value

A total cost of assets, traded with Stocks pre-paid margin type, positions of which are open on a selected account.

Stocks value = ∑ (Current stock price * Amount * Cross price), where: Amount - a current stocks' quantity in the position 'Qty * Lot size'; Qty is qty in lots.


Waived margin

The amount in the Account currency that is deducted from Initial and Maintenance margin requirements for the Account

see Initial margin req. and Maint. margin req.

Initial margin req

Amount of initial margin blocked for all positions and orders taking into account a margin crossing.

Initial margin req = ∑ (Initial margin)+ Fee - Waived margin

Initial margin req, %

Shows how much margin is used in relation to Balance&All risks.

Initial margin req,% = (Initial margin req/ (Balance&All risks - Stock orders req))*100%

Maint. margin req, %

Shows current level of risks. When Maint. margin req=100%, stop-out triggers.

Maint. margin req% = (Maint margin req/ (Balance&All risks - Stock orders req))*100%, where Maint margin req=∑ (Maintenance margin) + Fee - Waived margin

Margin available

Full margin which is available to maintain a portfolio in a current moment.

Margin available = Balance&All risks - Maint. margin req - Stock orders req

Margin warning level

Shows Maintenance margin level, which Warning margin message is sent with.

Warning margin lvl. = (Margin warning, % / 100) * (Balance&All risks - Stock orders req )

Stop out level

The Maint. margin req% value required for a stop out to occur.

Warning margin

A value set on the account's level. When Maint. margin req, % reaches this value, a Warning margin message is sent.

Maint. margin req

Total margin used for maintenance of a current portfolio in account currency.

Maint. margin req = ∑Maint. margin req (Maintenance margin req for positions and Initial margin for orders, taking into account the margin crossing between orders and positions)

Blocked for Stocks

Amount of funds debited from a balance in case of trading with symbols with Stocks pre-paid margin type. After closing such position, funds will be returned to an account. Stock operations can be pending.

Blocked for Stocks=abs(∑Stock operation), where: abs - a module; Stock operation = - Open price * Qty * Lot size * Cross price (for buy); Stock operation = Open price * Qty * Lot size * Cross price (for sell).

Stock orders req

Total margin blocked for orders with Stock pre-paid margin type.

Stock orders req = ∑ Margin for Stocks pre-paid orders

Stop out value

Stop out value

Stop out value = Maint.margin req/ (Stop out level/100)

Account activity

Open gross P/L

A profit or loss on all currently opened positions and currency, recalculated in real time based on the most recent quotes

Open gross P/L = Sum (Open gross P/L(i))

Open net P/L

A net profit or loss on open positions.

Open net P/L = Sum (Open net P/L(i))

# Positions

A number of currently opened positions.

# Orders

A number of currently placed pending orders.

Today results

Today's gross

A gross profit for today.

Today's net

A total profit or loss realized from positions today.

Today's fees

Fees paid today.

Today's volume

A total volume traded for today.

# Today's trades

A number of trades done for today.

Today turnover

Shows a turnover of funds per day for a current account.

Today’s rebates

Shows a sum of all funds that have been received/paid by a broker for the creation/removal of liquidity for a current day. If a received rebates is bigger than a paid sum, then rebates value will be positive "+", otherwise negative "-".

Risk management

Trading status

Trading status of a selected account.

Daily loss limit

Max loss limit for 1 day, trading is blocked when this limit is reached.

Weekly loss limit

Max loss limit for 1 week, trading is blocked when this limit is reached.

Total max position qty

Max total qty in lots of all positions and orders.

Trailing drawdown level

Shows maximum drawdown level for an account.

Daily loss

Shows a current net daily loss limit value for an account.

Weekly loss

Shows a current net weekly loss limit value for an account.

Daily profit target

Maximum value of daily net profit allowed for an account.

Max. day volume

Shows a Max. day volume set for an account.

# Max. positions

Shows a Max. qty. of positions.

# Max. pending orders

Shows a Max. qty of pending orders.

Max. order capital

Shows a Max. order capital.

Allow overnight trading

Shows whether it is allowed or not to transfer positions through night for an account.

Max order amount

Maximum allowed opening order amount (in the Instrument absolute units)

Max orders count per day

Number of orders that the User can place or modify during a day

Max drawdown level

Minimum allowed Projected balance value that an Account can have

Day trader pattern protection

Displays whether protection against accidental marking the account as the Day trader pattern is activated. Available states are ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’.

Max relative drawdown level

Indicates minimal allowed Projected balance value (calculated relative to current balance) that the account can have.

Calculated drawdown = Balance * Balance relative drawdown,% / 100

Risk rule triggers when:

Projected balance < Сalculated drawdown

Available day trades

Displays the number of intraday trades that can be performed before the system classifies this user/account as a Day trader pattern.

Loss limit per trade

Indicates maximum loss level per single trade

Daily loss limit * Loss limit per trade,% / 100

{Instrument type} volume limit

The maximum summary volume of all positions and orders by instrument types for an account.

Value is set in lots/contracts, in amount (Lots*Lot size or Lots*Tick cost/Tick size) or in money exposure.

Displaying totals considering account currency

The totals are calculated taking into account the account currency according to the filtering results:

  • If the filtered entries belong to accounts with the same currency, then the totals are displayed in the account currency.

  • If the filtered entries belong to accounts with different currencies, then the totals are displayed in the server currency.

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