Output & Watch


The Output tool is used to show system communication (such as errors) during compilation or messages from the strategy to the Output tool during backtesting. The tool is opened by default in the Editing tab.


Watch tool is used during debugging source code.

To begin debugging source code, users should first set breakpoints. Then it is necessary to select variables which are to be checked and add them to the Watch panel. In order to do this, put the mouse over the variable to add to Watch, then open context menu and select ‘Add watch’ option. Selected variable will appear in the Watch panel:

If using tables in the Watch tool, users can click on the ‘Full’ button to see the value of an array.

Through the context menu of the panel users can:

  • Add watch – allows to start typing variable name for watching.

  • Delete watch – allows deleting selected variable from the panel.

  • Clear – allows deleting all variables from the panel.

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