The Orders screen allows to view three lists of orders:

  • Working orders – shows orders that are waiting for execution.

  • Filled orders – shows executed orders.

  • Orders history – each row displays info regarding creation, modification, execution or cancelling of orders.

Buy orders are displayed in the list with blue arrow, sell orders – with red.

Each section consists of the cards list with short information about the orders: for Working orders – symbol name, quantity, open price, order type; for Filled orders – symbol name, order type, Net P/L, quantity. In order to get full information about the symbol on which the order was created, tap the symbol name.

  • Current price – market price obtainable from broker.

  • Validity – allows specifying order validity by selecting among the following time frames: Day, GTC, IOC, GTD, FOK, GTS.

  • Stop loss – stop loss price set for the order.

  • Take profit – take profit price set for the order.

  • Qty. remaining – difference between quantity and executed quantity when only part of the order was executed.

  • Bound to – ID of the order which another order is bound to; if the former is executed, system will cancel the latter.

  • Date/Time – date and time when the order was placed (executed, filled, modified, or cancelled).

  • Account – login name of the account that opened the order.

  • Order ID – unique number that the trading system assigns to each order. If a position is opened based on an order, the position will have the same number.

  • Qty. filled - executed quantity of the order when only part of the order was executed.

  • Status - status of the current order. It can have the following values: Pending new, Pending execution, Pending cancel, Pending modification, Created, Accepted, Partially filled, Waiting for market, Off market, Unplaced.

  • Trading exchange – shows the exchange name which is set on a server for the order.

Additional columns for Filled orders section:

  • Trade ID – unique number of the trade.

  • Exposure – quantity recalculated in account currency.

  • Fee – shows commission connected with the trade.

  • Gross P/L – total profit/loss of the trade.

  • Bought – if Side = Buy, then this column shows the value of Price * Lot size * Qty in base currency; if Side = Sell, then this column shows the value of Price * Lot size * Qty in quoting currency.

  • Sold – if Side = Sell, then this column shows the value of Price * Lot size * Qty in base currency; if Side = Buy, then this column shows the value of Price * Lot size * Qty in quoting currency.

  • Trade volume – shows total volume of the trade.

  • Price – shows price for Market and Limit orders, and Limit price for Stop limit orders.

Please note, that for Filled orders you can also see Total profit in the lower part of the table:

If the user needs to quickly switch to the Chart, modify the order or close it altogether when viewing a Working order, then it is necessary to swipe left the card of this order and the following buttons will become available:

To call the Context menu, press and hold (Long tap) on the needed item:

Actions available in the Context menu:

  • Chart - by tapping, the Chart with the selected symbol will be opened;

  • Symbol info - tap and detailed description of the symbol will be opened;

  • Modify - this option allows Modifying needed Order;

  • Cancel - allows canceling selected Order.

All orders can be canceled at once with a special button that is disabled in the app by default. This feature can be useful for managers or admins, in case there is a need to cancel all currently working orders. The "Cancel all" button is securely hidden in the Account menu to prevent accidental pressing. In order to enable this feature, please contact our support.

In order to modify active order, tap the ‘Modify’ button and the following screen will be opened:

Here user can modify price, quantity, Validity, Stop loss, Trailing, and Take profit. In addition, order can be executed at a market price.

If Stop limit order is activated, the Stop price field will be disabled in Modify screen. Thus, only Limit price can be modified. The same is true for closing Stop loss limit orders.

In order to cancel the order, tap the 'Cancel' button.

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