Visual trading

Visual trading gives a possibility to send, modify and close/cancel all the positions/orders directly from the chart.

Order placing

To place an order via Visual trading simply tap and hold anywhere on the Chart:

The following parameters are available when opening an order:

  • Side – allows to activate Buy or Sell side;

  • Quantity – an amount of lots in which an order is placed. Tap the value in order to edit it;

  • Order type - defines the type of the order – Market, Limit, Stop, Stop limit, Trailing stop;

  • Leverage - representing the multiple by which the user's position size exceeds their actual capital. Available only if it is allowed by broker;

  • SL/TP price - this setting allows a user to select a price for local SL/TP trigger;

  • Trailing SL – enables the order trailing stop.

By pressing the ‘OK’ button an order will be placed:

Please note that for more accurate selection of the required price the chart mode can be switched to Manual by swiping up on the price scale. In turn, the mode can be set to Auto by double tapping on the price scale.

Order modifying

TP/SL are modified in the same way. By tapping on the order/position marker, SL/TP markers appear. Drag and Drop SL/TP prices to modify them:

Tapping the order qty allows to set the required number.

Note that some parameters like order type or leverage can’t be changed via visual trading when order is placed.

After each change the confirmation window will appear:

By pressing the ‘OK’ button, the necessary changes will be applied.

Order cancelling

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