The Orders screen allows to view 2 lists of orders:

  • Working orders – shows orders that are waiting for execution.

  • Filled orders – shows executed orders.

Buy orders are displayed in the list with green arrow, sell orders – with red. Each section consists of the cards with short information about the orders. For Working orders the following data is displayed: symbol name, quantity, open price, order type.

To call the Context menu, press and hold (Long tap) on the needed item:

Actions available in the Context menu:

  • Chart/Info - by tapping, the Chart with the selected symbol will be opened;

  • Details - tap and detailed description of the order will be opened;

  • Cancel - cancels selected order.

For Filled orders the following data is shown: symbol name, order type, Net P/L, quantity.

Please note, that for Filled orders you can also see Total profit in the lower part of the table:

Swipe left the card of the order and the following buttons will become available:

  • Date – date and time when the order was placed (executed, filled, or cancelled).

  • Qty. remaining – difference between quantity and executed quantity when only part of the order was executed.

  • Order type – type of the order.

  • Status – current status of the order (created, filled or cancelled).

  • Current price – market price obtainable from a broker.

  • Last price – the last trade price.

  • Leverage - contains leverage value, if applicable.

Additional columns for Filled orders section:

  • Fee – shows commission connected with the trade.

  • Trade volume – shows total volume of the trade.

To cancel the order, tap the "Cancel order" button.

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