Event log

Available columns:

  • Type – type of event;

  • Date – date and time of event;

  • Event – title of event. The following values are available: Modified, Restated, Activated, Created, Partially filled, Filled, Cancelled, Accepted, Rejected;

  • Roundtrip, ms – shows time in milliseconds measured from the order sending/cancelling/modifying till the moment of receiving the response from the server about execution of the corresponding action;

  • Details – clicking on the ‘Details’ icon allows to open a deal ticket:

If there is no deal ticket for event, then the ‘Details’ icon isn’t shown.

User can see trade messages from the start of trading day.

Context menu

The following actions can be performed via the context menu of the panel:

  • Group by – allows to group events by Type or Event name;

  • Clear – allows to clear the Event log table. This option doesn't delete data, this is just for clearing a current Event log panel view.

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