Top menu and Status bar

Top menu

  • Terminal: access to various panels which allow to trade, analyze trading activity, and monitor market conditions.

  • More: access to TraderEvolution Global website and About current version screen.

  • Alerts: access to the Alerts panel.

  • Ideas: access to the Trading Ideas panel.

  • Balance & Projected balance: access to account information.

  • Account: Accounts, Withdrawal, Reports, Change password, Change trading password.

  • Help: access to TraderEvolution Guide.

  • Settings: access to general settings of the Web platform. Read more about this section here:

  • Log out: allows to log out of the Web platform and evokes login screen.

  • Connection status: shows the status of connection to the server.

  • Ping information: shows the response time of the server (ms) to which the application is connected.

Status bar

The Status bar, located at the bottom of the platform, makes it possible to "stream" information such as news and many others. The Status bar can be customized to show only information that user needs.

The Status bar displays (from left to right):

  • Workspace(s) – shows a particular configuration of panels, toolbars, charts and/or table layouts that makes up trading environment.

  • Trading notifications – notifications about changes in the platform and server. A notification appears when a deal ticket comes, then it disappears.

  • Event log – shows a log of all events that occurred during work sessions.

  • Lock trading – disables making all trading operations. After pressing the button, the notification in the center of the screen and the warning signs appear and it shows that trading is locked.

  • Time – the current time.

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