Trading ideas

A Trading idea is an investment recommendation based on market analysis. It includes predefined parameters for order placement as well as text description and chart snapshot.

In the TraderEvolution Investing application, users-subscribers can receive and use Trading ideas created by users-analysts in the TraderEvolution Desktop application.

To be able to receive, view and use Ideas, a user-subscriber needs to be subscribed to a Trading system. Also, to receive Ideas and place orders based on Ideas received, the Instrument used in the idea must be available to the user.

Tapping the icon opens the Ideas panel, which shows all the currently received Ideas:

By tapping an Idea space in the panel, User can open the Idea expanded view and see its details:

The expanded view of an Idea contains the chart of the Instrument used (if the data on the Instrument is available to the user), Idea text description, Take profit, Limit price and Stop loss values. The chart of the Instrument used in the Idea is refreshed with the same frequency as the chart panel.

Also, a user can view an attached Chart snapshot and open the attachment file (if they were added while the Idea creation) by tapping the icons near the "Screen" and "Attachment" items respectively at the Tips section.

Tapping the “PLACE BUY/SELL ORDER” button evokes the order placement confirmation dialog screen:

After tapping the “Send order” button, the Idea order is placed and the User can manage it in the Orders menu.

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