MAM summary

This tab shows statistics for those accounts which are under the control of the MAM manager. The panel must be activated by the admin so that the user can see it in the mobile app. Also, the admin can activate the "Update MAM summary only" rule for the account, in which case the account will not be able to perform any trading operations, as well as see trading statistics. These tabs will be hidden for such accounts and only the "Balance" value is available for them in the Account details widget. The only source of information for such an account will be the MAM summary tab that shows account operations that took place.

MAM summary is a separate tab on the main screen, tap in order to open it. MAM managers can find this tab in the More section. The tab itself looks as follows:

The MAM summary tab lists all account operations performed by the MAM manager on behalf of this account. In order to view the full info on the specific operation, please tap on it. The card with a detailed view will be opened, as can be seen in the screenshot above. The following information is available:

  • Account - displays the name of the account on whose behalf the operation was made;

  • Symbol - the name of the instrument with which the operation was performed;

  • Date - date/time of the operation;

  • Operation type - operation type, can be: Trading, Deposit, and Withdrawal;

  • Operation ID - unique identifier of the operation stored in the database;

  • Side - displays operation side: Buy or Sell;

  • Amount - displays the volume of this specific operation;

  • Open/Close price - price at which a position was opened/closed;

  • Quantity - amount of a position, either in lots or in units, depending on what is selected in the Settings dialog box;

  • Currency - operation currency is displayed in the form of a currency icon next to the Amount;

  • Period selector - can be daily or range, defines the period for which the history will be shown. Located in the upper right corner of the tab as a calendar icon. Available options are: Today/Last week /Last 1M/ Last 3M/Last 6M.

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