Backtester panel is a chart which can be used to show backtests conducted on historical data. Backtester panel is opened by default in Backtesting tab.

In the toolbar of the panel, a user can find 2 buttons:

The following options are available in the context menu of the panel:

  • Style – allows to select type of the Chart displaying (Bars, Candles, Line, etc.);

  • Info Window – allows to show/hide info window and select the style of its displaying;

  • Drawing tools – allows to add other useful objects and drawings to the Chart (Lines, Andrew's pitchfork, Price channel etc.);

  • Refresh – allows to reload the chart data and redraw the panel;

  • View – allows to select visible elements for the Chart panel (Grid, Volume bars, etc.);

  • Settings – allows to open Chart panel settings.

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