Main menu bar

The main menu bar of the application for Mac looks as the following:

The 'TraderEvolution' tab contains such items as:

  • Preferences… – opens the general ‘Preferences’ menu;

  • Connections – opens the login screen for connecting using a different user and/or connection;

  • Hide TraderEvolution – allows to hide the TraderEvolution window;

  • Hide Others – allows to hide all windows, except of the TraderEvolution window;

  • Show All – allows to show all hidden windows;

  • Quit TraderEvolution – allows to log out of the application.

The ‘Edit’ tab contains the following items:

  • Undo/redo commands;

  • Cut, copy, paste actions;

  • Paste and Match Style;

  • Delete;

  • Select All;

  • Spelling and Grammar;

  • Substitutions;

  • Transformations;

  • Speech;

  • Start Dictation;

  • Emoji&Symbols.

The 'Terminal' tab contains the following items:

  • Chart;

  • Watchlist;

  • Market depth;

  • Time & Sales;

  • Order entry;

  • Matrix;

  • Positions;

  • Working orders;

  • Filled orders;

  • Orders history;

  • Assets.

Selecting an item opens a corresponding panel.

The 'Tools' tab contains the following items:

  • Aggressor balance;

  • Hogh/Low list;

  • Gainers/Losers list;

  • RSS;

  • External links.

Please note that all features available in this tab must be activated by the administrator. Otherwise they will be hidden. The same is true in the context of external links, to be visible in your terminal they should be added by the admin.

The 'Window' tab allows making the standard manipulations with the application window:

  • Minimize;

  • Zoom;

  • Tile window;

  • Bring All to Front.

The 'More' tab allows performing the following:

  • Search – allows to look up through the whole application for a desired element;

  • Home Page – access to TraderEvolution Global LTD website;

  • Open Data Folder – opens the folder containing application data;

  • About – allows to open About current version screen.

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