Event log

Time filter

At the top left corner of the toolbar of the panel there is a combo box ‘Time filter’. It allows to select time period for which a user wants to see logs. The following periods are available:

  • Daily;


Event log displays information via the following columns:

  • Type – type of event;

  • Date/Time – date and time of an event;

  • Event – title of event. The following values are available: Modified, Restated, Activated, Created, Partially filled, Filled, Cancelled, Accepted, Rejected;

  • Details – click on ‘Details’ icon to open a deal ticket.

Context menu

To call the Event log panel's context menu, right-click on any row of the panel's table.

The context menu allows the following options:

  • Clear – clears the 'Event log' table. This option doesn't delete data, this is just for clearing a current Event log panel view.

  • Search – allows to show/hide the Search lookup in the toolbar;

  • Group by – allows to group logs by Type or by Event.

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