The RSS panel contains a list of the latest news available from various feeds added by the User through the RSS manager. In order to open the RSS panel, select it from the terminal main menu . The panel itself looks as follows:

The following information columns are available for display in this panel:

  • Received – date and time of news receipt in the RSS panel;

  • RSS feed – original name of the RSS feed;

  • Source – displays the source of the content;

  • Subject – news topic/headline;

  • Content – full text of the news article;

  • Category – type/category of the news;

  • Link – direct link to the news article.

If any columns are not supported by the RSS feed, these fields will be blank.

To view the news content in a browser, open the context menu, and select the ‘View news story’ option, or just double-click the news line. The User can also click the link in the corresponding column and the selected news will be opened in the browser.

RSS feeds selection

To view RSS feeds added by the User, use the selector in the upper left corner of the panel:

Simply check/uncheck the desired channels from the list or select all at once. Once selected, the User will receive the latest news from RSS feeds.

Previous news from other feeds will not be removed from the panel.

Adding/editing RSS feed

Multiple links can be entered in the URL field, separated by commas.

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