Arranging panels

A user can adjust panels’ arrangement and it will be automatically saved after logging out and then logging in again.

Attaching and detaching panels

There are two main location types for all panels:

  • Attached – panel is located in some place of workspace.

  • Detached – panel is located separately and can be used independently of any workspace.

Each panel has default location. Some panels are attached by default, others are detached. Default settings are created on base of target usage.

A user can manage the panels as he needs with the help of the following options:

Drag the panel into the certain button of the arrangement template to preview it's next position.

Attached panels can be arranged into tabbed areas where one or more panels are conveniently fit under/over/beside other panels.

  • Duplicate panel – allows duplicating the chosen panel. The option is available from the context menu of the chosen panel.

  • Show toolbar – allows showing the toolbar of the chosen panel. Right-click on the header of the panel to to view this option.

Creating tabbed areas

Creating tabbed groups of panels helps save screen space and maximazes efficiency. To make a panel appear as a tab, drag it over another panel (or tabbed area).

Linking panels

Linking panels allows to synchronize panels between each other via symbols and/or accounts.

This adjustment is available via the buttons, located on panels' headers:

Clicking on these buttons opens the following menu allowing to identify a link by a color:

Adjusting the same linking color for different panels links these panels to each other by a Symbol and/or an Account link.

Searching elements

All table panels in the application have a quick searching function. Traders can search for the needed items using:

  • hot button combination "Cmd + F";

  • "Search…" menu item by selecting it from the Context menu.

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