Managing columns

Resizing columns

To change the width of a column, hover the mouse cursor on a column border in the header row. The cursor will change its view to a double-sided arrow. Then click and drag the border to the left/right to resize the column.

Displaying columns

Right-clicking on any column header displays a list of columns that are available in the panel. Only columns that are checked will be visible. To display a column just place a checkmark by the desired column title.

Reordering columns

User can rearrange columns in tables by moving them to new locations. Click on a column header and drag the column to the desired location in the table.


Filter criteria can be different for each column.

Filtering of text columns allows to find the selected symbol in 1 click, simply apply filtering to the "Symbol" column. Multiple filtering is also allowed and can be applied to several columns at a time. Follow the above mentioned flow, but apply it to different columns. The following example shows filters simultaneously applied to the Current price, Open price, Net P/L, and Quantity columns:


Table data can be sorted by any column. Clicking on a column header sorts the data in descending order. To sort in ascending order, click on the header once again. When data is sorted, special icon appears in the header showing the sorting direction.

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